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Will Medicare or Private Insurance pay for Medical Alert Systems?


We often times get the question, will Medicare or Private Insurance pay for Medical Alert Systems?  Will they reimburse me for my monthly expenses?

Medicare and Private Health Insurance

For the most part, insurance companies and Medicare will not cover the cost of medical alert or life alert systems. We encourage all of our customers to call their insurance provider to check if they qualify for reimbursement. Occasionally, insurance companies will pay for the medical alert or life alert systems,  if the individual’s circumstances merit it. Usually, a doctor’s recommendation is required before an insurance company will issue a reimbursement.

Long-Term Care Insurance

If you currently have Long-Term Care Insurance, you may qualify for reimbursement of your medical alert or life alert system.  You will need to call your insurance provider to see if you qualify for a medical alert or life alert system.

What if Private Health Insurance, or Long-Term insurance won’t reimburse me. 

If you can’t afford service and your insurance refuses to cover the expenses, call your local Council on Aging office.  You can also visit their website at  They provide resources for older adults and those with disabilities who cannot afford certain health services. Some local Council on Aging may be able to offer you financial assistance.

Medical Alert Discounts

Acadian on Call offers discounts to members of AARP, AMAC, and USAA. You may be eligible for a discounted monthly service rate as long as you can provide and verify your membership ID or #. We also offer flexible payment styles. These plans allow you to pay month to month, three months at a time, or the ability to pay for a full year at a time.

Things to consider when purchasing a Medical Alert or Life Alert System.

Acadian on Call’s goal is to make the system and service as affordable as possible, with no additional or hidden costs.  Before choosing a medical alert of life alert provider, find out what your total upfront costs.  Be wary of any hidden equipment fees, long term contracts, exaggerated activation fees, shipping fees, or security deposits.  Here at Acadian on Call, we don’t have any long term contracts.

Carefully read any contracts or service agreements so that you’ll be aware of any cancellation fees and special clauses. Ask what will happen if you should need to cancel the service abruptly.