In-Home (Wireless)

Your service includes a complete medical alert system and 24/7 Acadian® Certified Monitoring. This system communicates over the AT&T cellular network and does NOT require that you have landline telephone service in your home. Simply plug it into any power outlet, turn it on, and test it. That’s it!




The In-Home Medical Alert System offers traditional in-home medical alert monitoring without the requirement of having a landline.

  • Wrist Button and Neck Pendant available
  • US Based 24 x 7 Emergency Monitoring Service
  • No landline required
  • Compatible with the optional Auto Fall Detecting Button
  • 3-5 Year Panic Button Battery (Free Button Replacement)
  • Voice Prompts
  • More than 600 ft. Panic Button Range
  • 60+ Hours of Backup Battery
  • Over – Discharge Battery Protection
  • 3G AT&T Network
  • Superior Audio Quality
  • Unsurpassed Voice Range
  • Monitored by Acadian On Call
  • Audible Cellular Strength Notification
  • Integrated Cellular – No Attachments Necessary
  • FDA Registered

NOTE: No fall button can detect 100% of falls. If able, users should always push their help button when they need assistance.



Common Questions

Do I need to own a cell phone to use this service? 
No, a cell phone is NOT needed to use this system.

Do I need to purchase cellular service? 
No, the cellular service is included with the monitoring payment that you select.

Do I need land line phone service in my home to use this medical alert system? 
No, cellular medical alert systems DO NOT use landline landline phone service to summon help.

Are there any additional fees that I have to pay each month? 
No, unlike some medical alert companies, Acadian On Call has NO HIDDEN FEES or unexpected charges.

Where do I fill out the emergency contact information? 
After you checkout you will be redirected to a short form to complete your emergency profile.

If I decide to save money by paying 3 or 12 months at a time and cancel early will I receive a refund? 
Yes, any unused months you paid for will be refunded upon cancellation.

I’m convinced Acadian is the Best! How do I order? 
You can order 24 hours a day on our website or call 1-877-477-6507 during normal customer service hours if you prefer to order by phone. All orders received Monday – Friday by 12PM CST will ship the same day. Overnight and 2-Day delivery is optional.



When you chose the Acadian On Call Medical Alert Service You receive an industry leading wireless Emergency Alert base to keep you connected to our team of certified emergency medical dispatchers. Our reliable Home Medical Alert Wireless System is the first cellular medical alert connection in the industry. All you need to set up your Emergency Alert Wireless System is a wall outlet. Your Emergency Alert Wireless System comes complete with a 60-hour battery backup. The perfect system for Mom and Dad living alone, it is preprogramed to dial help when they push their waterproof emergency help button. The Medical Alert Wireless Base has cellular service included from Acadian On Call, the experienced leaders in rescue services

This innovative, reliable, Medical Alert Wireless Base is the key to your in home 24-hour emergency lifeline. Fully integrated with the lifesaving alert button you choose, neck or wrist, your personal in home 911 Wireless Base Station provides you with fast 2-way communication to your Certified Emergency Medical Dispatcher. Your Acadian On Call Wireless Home Emergency Base Station has superior speaker quality for clear communication with the Emergency Dispatcher. The Acadian On Call Wireless Home Emergency Base Station is the first of a kind to provide a 3G cellular connection, you do not need a cell phone, the cellular connection is built in for your convenience.

When you order your Acadian On Call Wireless Home Life Saving System, your help buttons, connection to a certified Emergency Medical Dispatcher, and cellular service are seamlessly integrated into a total safety package for your protection and emergency necessities. This innovative Acadian On Call Wireless Home Life Saving System is the Smart Phone of the life saving medical alert medical industry. Your Cellular Emergency Home Base provides you with unsurpassed clear, concise two-way communication in the event of an emergency.  Bonus features of the Acadian On Call Wireless Home Life Saving System is our unconditional warranty, if your unit fails, it is replaced.

Call Acadian On Call today to discuss the perfect Wireless Emergency Call System tailored to your needs. 


Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in
Choose Monitoring Plan:

$34.95 – Paid Monthly, $31.95 Month – Paid Quarterly, $29.95 Month – Paid Annually

Choose Your Button:

Waterproof Pendant (Free), Waterproof Wristband (Free), Fall Detecting Button + $9.95 month

Extra Button (Optional)

No Extra Button, Waterproof Pendant $5/month, Waterproof Wristband $5/month