Refund Policy



Applicable refunds are typically issued within 30 days of the date that the equipment is received in our office. The equipment is inspected for missing items (original box, correct RJ11 phone cord, medical alert pendant(s), etc.) as well as damages (i.e. phone cord chewed by a pet, liquid spilled into the device, etc.). Missing items and damages are deducted from applicable refunds.Customers who pay by credit card will have a credit issued to the credit card used for the most current payment, if the credit is issued within 90 days of payment. If refund is issued after 90 days, a refund check will be issued. Customers paying with an automatic withdrawal from checking account will be issued a check, mailed to the address in our files of the person responsible for payment.


30-Day Risk-Free Trial:

Acadian On Call proudly stands behind its premier Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) service in the United States by offering you a 30-Day Risk-Free Trial.We are committed to our customer’s total satisfaction, which is why we guarantee 100% satisfaction with a 30-Day Risk-Free Trial. In the unlikely event that a customer is not 100% satisfied with the personal emergency response system, we will credit your account once the product(s) are returned to us. All original equipment must be included. In order to receive a full refund, the customer must:

  1. Call Customer Service at (877) 477-6507 and express their desire to return the order for a refund to our customer service center and;
  2. Return equipment in original package, postmarked within 30 days of placing the order.

The customer remains responsible for all shipping costs to and from Acadian On Call. We suggest using either FedEx or UPS to return your medical alert system plus accessories. All shipping costs are non-refundable. We cannot refund items lost or damaged by the carrier responsible for returning the items to us, i.e. if you return an item to us and we never receive it, we cannot refund you on it. We recommend that you insure all returns for $250.00.

Acadian On Call reserves the right to charge a replacement fee if the order is returned missing any parts included in the original packaging. Modification of any item(s) voids this guarantee. After the 30-Day Risk-Free Trial period, no refunds will be offered.


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