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Providing Peace of Mind with Medical Alert Systems



Many seniors prefer to remain independent and live at home, although their loved ones can worry about their safety. With a medical alert system, seniors are allowed to keep their independence, but have a method to get help if they need it in case of a fall or medical event.

Recommended by healthcare professionals, Acadian On Call medical alert systems are designed to deliver the help you need, as quickly as possible. One press of the pendant or wristband will initiate a call to one of our certified monitoring centers.

One of our certified emergency medical dispatchers can then speak with the person, determine the situation, and dispatch EMS if needed. Preset personal contacts will also be notified right away.

Our medical alert systems are simple to set up at home, and there are different systems for different lifestyles. For those who stay at home or in the yard, the Home + system is everything you need. For more active seniors, our Mobile system is GPS and cellular based, allowing the freedom to move about, and help can be summoned from anywhere.

Sometimes, a person can fall and either be too far from their pendant or wristband, or be unable to press the button. Our optional fall detecting pendant can sense when a person may have fallen and summon an emergency medical dispatcher automatically, so help can arrive faster.

Many of our customers choose Acadian Total Security for their parents or other elderly relatives. Give your loved one the comfort of a medical alert system from Acadian On Call, and give yourself peace of mind that your loved one is in good hands. Our certified emergency medical dispatchers are available 24/7.

Don’t wait until you or your loved one has fallen or experienced a medical episode to get a medical alert system. There are different payment options, no contracts to sign, and you can return the system at anytime. Don’t hesitate in equipping yourself or your loved one with a personal medical alert. We hope you’ll never need to press your alert button, but we’re here if you do.

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