Medical Alert Systems

Explore Acadian On Call for cutting-edge Medical Alert Systems, offering both In-Home and Mobile GPS solutions tailored for seniors. 
Enhance Your Safety with Life-Saving Medical Alert Systems

Our medical alert systems offer rapid assistance at the press of a button. Designed for efficiency, our waterproof pendants and wristbands ensure you're connected to our certified monitoring centers instantly. Experienced Medical Dispatchers evaluate your situation promptly, coordinating with EMS and informing your personal contacts—family, friends, or neighbors—when necessary.

Acadian On Call specializes in tailoring medical alert solutions to your unique needs. Our offerings range from in-home wireless services and automatic fall detection to advanced mobile alerts with GPS. Every plan features a personal help button, round-the-clock monitoring, and a flexible 30-Day Return Policy for your peace of mind.

In-Home Wireless Medical Alert System
Waterproof Pendant
Secure Prompt Assistance with Life-Saving Medical Alert Devices

Discover peace of mind with our medical alert devices. A simple press on your waterproof pendant or wristband instantly connects you to our certified monitoring centers. Our skilled Medical Dispatchers swiftly evaluate your situation, coordinating emergency services if necessary and alerting your personal network—ensuring rapid response when you need it most.

Choose Acadian On Call for personalized medical alert solutions. Whether you’re looking for in-home wireless alerts, automatic fall detection, or mobile alerts with GPS tracking, we tailor services to meet your needs. Our plans include a personalized help button, 24/7 monitoring, and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

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Understanding Medical Alert Systems: A Guide to Rapid Assistance
Medical Alert Systems are essential for ensuring immediate assistance through three key components: the alarm base station, the wearable alert pendant, and the monitoring center. Acadian On Call designs these systems for speed, providing swift communication with medically trained dispatchers available 24/7. Upon activating the waterproof help button, a signal connects you to our dispatch team, ready to handle emergencies, accidents, or any urgent needs with superior voice clarity and extensive signal range for your independence and safety.
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