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Mobile Medical Alert

The Acadian On Call Mobile emergency alert pendant connects users to help anywhere in the US. If you are an active senior, or the care giver for a loved one, the wireless Mobile Medical Alert by Acadian On Call is the Emergency Medical Help device that is right you. Do you like to get up and go even though you worry about medical emergencies? You should wear a Mobile Medical Alert Pendant with the newest in WIFI and cellular technology. The rechargeable Mobile Medical Alert puts you in contact with a Certified Emergency Medical Alert Dispatcher anywhere you travel within the USA.




Mobile Medical Alert

Specialists can speak with the user with the powerful built-in two way voice technology, locate the user via GPS and WiFi location technologies and view user-provided information. Specialists will send loved ones or emergency services to help the user, depending on what is needed.


Low Maintenance with a long lasting battery

The Acadian On Call Mobile Medical Alert Pendant is lightweight and easy to wear or carry. It is shower-safe, but is not designed to be submerged.

The rechargeable battery in in the mobile pendant lasts up to 30 days per charge, and Acadian On Call includes a simple charging cradle.


  • Up to 30 Days Per Charge
  • 911 Backup Dialing Outside Cellular Coverage Area
  • U-TDOA & Cellular Triangulation
  • WiFi Location Technologies
  • AT&T Cellular Service (Included)
  • 2-Way Voice Through Pendant



This Emergency Medical Mobile device is worn around your neck offering you the security of having help at the touch of a button no matter where your travels take you. When you need medical assistance just push the button for a connection to one of our National Emergency Call Centers. The cellular service is included, you do not have to buy a separate cellular plan to use your Mobile Help Button. 

This Mobile Medical Alert Help Pendant is the only Medical Alert System you need, use it at home and on the go to have immediate access to Certified Medical Dispatchers. When you order the Mobile Medical Alert Help Pendant it comes complete with a recharging cradle that you can take with you when you vacation or visit your winter haven. The shower-safe Emergency Medical Mobile Device is comfortably worn around your neck, the built in two-way communications is with you throughout the day. Wear your wireless Mobile Medical Alert All in One Pendant throughout your home, including in substantial risk areas such as the Bathroom and Kitchen.

Have added peace of mind when you order the always ready rechargeable contract free Mobile Alert Pendant with built-in cellular and WIFI service and two-way communications with a Certified Emergency Medical Dispatcher. This is the assistance you need if you worry that your active or disabled parents or others in your care still have the get up and go. This two-way voice communication Medical Alert Dispatch Pendant has a the get up and go with them, wherever they venture. The technologically advanced Mobile Medical Alert Help Device provides 911 backup dialing in case cell service is down or out of reach.  

Call us today for a FREE consultation at 877-477-6507 on the benefits that the Acadian On Call Mobile Fall Detection Button that assists you throughout the USA.

*The Mobile Fall Detection Medical Alert Pendant comes complete with a recharging cradle that you can take anywhere. The Mobile Medical Alert Pendant requires charging approximately every 30 days. Battery Warning Light flashes when a charge is needed. You can have battery status alerts sent via text or email to warn you when battery reaches 30% – 20% or is off due to uncharged battery. This battery alert feature is great for caregivers to keep them abreast of when the Mobile Medical Alert Pendant needs charging.

The Mobile Medical Alert by Acadian On Call comes with a complete replacement warranty. Cellular and WIFI access is included FREE with your Mobile Medical Alert Pendant by Acadian On Call.


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$38.95 Monthly, $35.95 Month – Paid Quarterly, $33.95 Month – Paid Annually