Georgia Medical Alert Systems

Acadian On Call provides service to the entire state of Georgia. Our medical alert systems are most used by seniors that live independently, and want the peace of mind knowing they can easily summon help any time of day or night. One press of the pendant help button and you’ll be able to speak with help at one of our CSAA certified monitoring centers that can dispatch help if needed. The dispatcher will also notify family and friends as part of the service. Please call 1-877-477-6507 if you would like more information.


Georgia Coverage Area

AbbevilleWilcox County
AcworthCobb County
AdairsvilleBartow County
AdelCook County
AdrianEmanuel County
AileyMontgomery County
AlamoWheeler County
AlapahaBerrien County
AlbanyDougherty County
AldoraLamar County
AllenhurstLiberty County
AllentownWilkinson County
AlmaBacon County
AlpharettaFulton County
AlstonMontgomery County
AltoHabersham County
AmbroseCoffee County
AmericusSumter County
AndersonvilleSumter County
ArabiCrisp County
AragonPolk County
ArcadeJackson County
ArgyleClinch County
ArlingtonCalhoun County
AshburnTurner County
AthensAthens-Clarke County
AtlantaFulton County
AttapulgusDecatur County
AuburnBarrow County
AugustaAugusta-Richmond County
AustellCobb County
AveraJefferson County
Avondale EstatesDeKalb County
BacontonMitchell County
BainbridgeDecatur County
BaldwinHabersham County
Ball GroundCherokee County
BarnesvilleLamar County
BartowJefferson County
BarwickThomas County
BaxleyAppling County
Berkeley LakeGwinnett County
BerlinColquitt County
BethlehemBarrow County
BishopOconee County
BlackshearPierce County
BlairsvilleUnion County
BlakelyEarly County
BloomingdaleChatham County
Blue RidgeFannin County
BlufftonClay County
BlytheAugusta-Richmond County
BogartOconee County
BostonThomas County
BostwickMorgan County
BowdonCarroll County
BowersvilleHart County
BowmanElbert County
BraseltonJackson County
BraswellPaulding County
BremenHaralson County
BrinsonDecatur County
BronwoodTerrell County
BrookhavenDeKalb County
BrookletBulloch County
BrooksFayette County
BroxtonCoffee County
BrunswickGlynn County
BuchananHaralson County
BuckheadMorgan County
Buena VistaMarion County
BufordGwinnett County
ButlerTaylor County
ByromvilleDooly County
ByronPeach County
CadwellLaurens County
CairoGrady County
CalhounGordon County
CamakWarren County
CamillaMitchell County
CanonFranklin County
CantonCherokee County
CarlBarrow County
CarltonMadison County
CarnesvilleFranklin County
CarrolltonCarroll County
CartersvilleBartow County
Cave SpringFloyd County
CecilCook County
CedartownPolk County
CentervilleHouston County
CentralhatcheeHeard County
ChambleeDeKalb County
ChatsworthMurray County
Chattahoochee HillsFulton County
ChaunceyDodge County
ChesterDodge County
ChickamaugaWalker County
ClarkesvilleHabersham County
ClarkstonDeKalb County
ClaxtonEvans County
ClaytonRabun County
ClermontHall County
ClevelandWhite County
ClimaxDecatur County
CobbtownTattnall County
CochranBleckley County
CohuttaWhitfield County
ColbertMadison County
College ParkFulton County
CollinsTattnall County
ColquittMiller County
ColumbusColumbus-Muscogee County
ComerMadison County
CommerceJackson County
ConcordPike County
ConyersRockdale County
CoolidgeThomas County
CordeleCrisp County
CorneliaHabersham County
CovingtonNewton County
CrawfordOglethorpe County
CrawfordvilleTaliaferro County
CullodenMonroe County
CummingForsyth County
CussetaCusseta-Chattahoochee County
CuthbertRandolph County
DaculaGwinnett County
DahlonegaLumpkin County
DallasPaulding County
DaltonWhitfield County
DamascusEarly County
DanielsvilleMadison County
DanvilleTwiggs County
DarienMcIntosh County
DasherLowndes County
DavisboroWashington County
DawsonTerrell County
DawsonvilleDawson County
DearingMcDuffie County
DecaturDeKalb County
DeepstepWashington County
DemorestHabersham County
DexterLaurens County
DillardRabun County
DoerunColquitt County
DonalsonvilleSeminole County
DoolingDooly County
DoravilleDeKalb County
DouglasCoffee County
DouglasvilleDouglas County
Du PontClinch County
DublinLaurens County
DudleyLaurens County
DuluthGwinnett County
DunwoodyDeKalb County
East DublinLaurens County
East EllijayGilmer County
East PointFulton County
EastmanDodge County
EatontonPutnam County
Edge HillGlascock County
EdisonCalhoun County
ElbertonElbert County
EllavilleSchley County
EllentonColquitt County
EllijayGilmer County
EmersonBartow County
EnigmaBerrien County
EphesusHeard County
EtonMurray County
EuharleeBartow County
FairburnFulton County
FairmountGordon County
FargoClinch County
FayettevilleFayette County
FitzgeraldBen Hill County
FlemingtonLiberty County
FlovillaButts County
Flowery BranchHall County
FolkstonCharlton County
Forest ParkClayton County
ForsythMonroe County
Fort GainesClay County
Fort OglethorpeCatoosa County
Fort ValleyPeach County
FranklinHeard County
Franklin SpringsFranklin County
FunstonColquitt County
GainesvilleHall County
Garden CityChatham County
GarfieldEmanuel County
GayMeriwether County
GenevaTalbot County
GeorgetownGeorgetown-Quitman County
GibsonGlascock County
GillsvilleBanks County
GirardBurke County
GlennvilleTattnall County
GlenwoodWheeler County
Good HopeWalton County
GordonWilkinson County
GrahamAppling County
GrantvilleCoweta County
GrayJones County
GraysonGwinnett County
GreensboroGreene County
GreenvilleMeriwether County
GriffinSpalding County
GrovetownColumbia County
GumbranchLiberty County
GuytonEffingham County
HaganEvans County
HahiraLowndes County
HamiltonHarris County
HamptonHenry County
HapevilleFulton County
HaralsonCoweta County
HarlemColumbia County
HarrisonWashington County
HartwellHart County
HawkinsvillePulaski County
HazlehurstJeff Davis County
HelenWhite County
HelenaTelfair County
HephzibahAugusta-Richmond County
HiawasseeTowns County
HiggstonMontgomery County
HiltoniaScreven County
HinesvilleLiberty County
HiramPaulding County
HobokenBrantley County
HogansvilleTroup County
Holly SpringsCherokee County
HomelandCharlton County
HomerBanks County
HomervilleClinch County
HoschtonJackson County
HullMadison County
IdealMacon County
IlaMadison County
Iron CitySeminole County
IrwintonWilkinson County
IveyWilkinson County
JacksonButts County
JakinEarly County
JasperPickens County
JeffersonJackson County
JeffersonvilleTwiggs County
JenkinsburgButts County
JerseyWalton County
JesupWayne County
Johns CreekFulton County
JonesboroClayton County
Junction CityTalbot County
KennesawCobb County
KeysvilleBurke County
KingslandCamden County
KingstonBartow County
KiteJohnson County
LaFayetteWalker County
LaGrangeTroup County
Lake CityClayton County
Lake ParkLowndes County
LakelandLanier County
LavoniaFranklin County
LawrencevilleGwinnett County
LearyCalhoun County
LeesburgLee County
LenoxCook County
LeslieSumter County
LexingtonOglethorpe County
LilburnGwinnett County
LillyDooly County
LincolntonLincoln County
LithoniaDeKalb County
Locust GroveHenry County
LoganvilleGwinnett County
Lone OakMeriwether County
Lookout MountainWalker County
LouisvilleJefferson County
LovejoyClayton County
LudowiciLong County
LulaHall County
Lumber CityTelfair County
LumpkinStewart County
LuthersvilleMeriwether County
LyerlyChattooga County
LyonsToombs County
MaconBibb County
MadisonMorgan County
ManassasTattnall County
ManchesterMeriwether County
MansfieldNewton County
MariettaCobb County
MarshallvilleMacon County
MartinStephens County
MaxeysOglethorpe County
MaysvilleBanks County
McCaysvilleFannin County
McDonoughHenry County
McIntyreWilkinson County
McRaeTelfair County
MeansvillePike County
MeigsThomas County
MenloChattooga County
MetterCandler County
MidvilleBurke County
MidwayLiberty County
MilanTelfair County
MilledgevilleBaldwin County
MillenJenkins County
MilnerLamar County
MiltonFulton County
MitchellGlascock County
MolenaPike County
MonroeWalton County
MontezumaMacon County
MonticelloJasper County
MontroseLaurens County
MorelandCoweta County
MorganCalhoun County
MorgantonFannin County
MorrowClayton County
MorvenBrooks County
MoultrieColquitt County
Mount AiryHabersham County
Mount VernonMontgomery County
Mount ZionCarroll County
Mountain CityRabun County
Mountain ParkFulton County
NahuntaBrantley County
NashvilleBerrien County
NelsonPickens County
NewbornNewton County
NewingtonScreven County
NewnanCoweta County
NewtonBaker County
NichollsCoffee County
NicholsonJackson County
NorcrossGwinnett County
Norman ParkColquitt County
North High ShoalsOconee County
NorwoodWarren County
Oak ParkEmanuel County
OakwoodHall County
OchlockneeThomas County
OcillaIrwin County
OconeeWashington County
OdumWayne County
OffermanPierce County
OglethorpeMacon County
OliverScreven County
OmegaTift County
Orchard HillSpalding County
OxfordNewton County
PalmettoFulton County
ParrottTerrell County
PattersonPierce County
PavoBrooks County
Payne CityBibb County
Peachtree CityFayette County
Peachtree CornersGwinnett County
PearsonAtkinson County
PelhamMitchell County
PembrokeBryan County
PendergrassJackson County
PerryHouston County
Pine LakeDeKalb County
Pine MountainHarris County
PinehurstDooly County
PineviewWilcox County
PittsWilcox County
PlainsSumter County
PlainvilleGordon County
PoolerChatham County
Port WentworthChatham County
PortalBulloch County
PorterdaleNewton County
PoulanWorth County
Powder SpringsCobb County
PrestonWebster County
PulaskiCandler County
QuitmanBrooks County
RangerGordon County
Ray CityBerrien County
RayleWilkes County
RebeccaTurner County
RegisterBulloch County
ReidsvilleTattnall County
RemertonLowndes County
RentzLaurens County
ResacaGordon County
ReynoldsTaylor County
RhineDodge County
RiceboroLiberty County
RichlandStewart County
Richmond HillBryan County
RiddlevilleWashington County
RinconEffingham County
RinggoldCatoosa County
RiverdaleClayton County
RiversideColquitt County
RobertaCrawford County
RochelleWilcox County
RockmartPolk County
Rocky FordScreven County
RomeFloyd County
RossvilleWalker County
RoswellFulton County
RoystonFranklin County
RutledgeMorgan County
Sale CityMitchell County
SandersvilleWashington County
Sandy SpringsFulton County
Santa ClausToombs County
SardisBurke County
SasserTerrell County
SavannahChatham County
ScotlandTelfair County
ScrevenWayne County
SenoiaCoweta County
Shady DaleJasper County
SharonTaliaferro County
SharpsburgCoweta County
ShellmanRandolph County
ShilohHarris County
SiloamGreene County
Sky ValleyRabun County
SmithvilleLee County
SmyrnaCobb County
SnellvilleGwinnett County
Social CircleWalton County
SopertonTreutlen County
SparksCook County
SpartaHancock County
SpringfieldEffingham County
St. MarysCamden County
StapletonJefferson County
StatenvilleEchols County
StatesboroBulloch County
StathamBarrow County
StillmoreEmanuel County
StockbridgeHenry County
Stone MountainDeKalb County
Sugar HillGwinnett County
SummervilleChattooga County
SumnerWorth County
SurrencyAppling County
SuwaneeGwinnett County
SwainsboroEmanuel County
SycamoreTurner County
SylvaniaScreven County
SylvesterWorth County
TalbottonTalbot County
Talking RockPickens County
TallapoosaHaralson County
Tallulah FallsHabersham County
TalmoJackson County
TarrytownMontgomery County
TaylorsvilleBartow County
TempleCarroll County
TennilleWashington County
ThomastonUpson County
ThomasvilleThomas County
ThomsonMcDuffie County
ThunderboltChatham County
TiftonTift County
TignallWilkes County
ToccoaStephens County
ToomsboroWilkinson County
TrentonDade County
TrionChattooga County
Tunnel HillWhitfield County
TurinCoweta County
Twin CityEmanuel County
Ty TyTift County
Tybee IslandChatham County
TyroneFayette County
UnadillaDooly County
Union CityFulton County
Union PointGreene County
UvaldaMontgomery County
ValdostaLowndes County
VarnellWhitfield County
VernonburgChatham County
VidaliaToombs County
ViennaDooly County
Villa RicaCarroll County
WacoHaralson County
WadleyJefferson County
WaleskaCherokee County
Walnut GroveWalton County
WalthourvilleLiberty County
Warm SpringsMeriwether County
Warner RobinsHouston County
WarrentonWarren County
WarwickWorth County
WashingtonWilkes County
WatkinsvilleOconee County
Waverly HallHarris County
WaycrossWare County
WaynesboroBurke County
West PointTroup County
WhighamGrady County
WhiteBartow County
White PlainsGreene County
WhitesburgCarroll County
WillacoocheeAtkinson County
WilliamsonPike County
WinderBarrow County
WintervilleAthens-Clarke County
WoodbineCamden County
WoodburyMeriwether County
WoodlandTalbot County
WoodstockCherokee County
WoodvilleGreene County
WoolseyFayette County
WrensJefferson County
WrightsvilleJohnson County
YatesvilleUpson County
Young HarrisTowns County